Hi, I'm Fernando Fossa and since I was a child I have been fascinated by the world of visual arts. As I grew up, I became increasingly interested in the power of photography to capture moments and convey emotions. After graduating in Advertising Graphics, I understood that photography was my true passion and I decided to cultivate it.

To refine my skills and broaden my knowledge I obtained the Academic Diploma in Photography. During my studies, I learned and discovered different techniques, equipment and styles of photography new ways to express my creativity through this art form. I was particularly fascinated by the ability of photography and video to tell stories and transmit messages, I began to experiment with different visual languages to communicate.

Today photography and video are the language with which I express ideas and worlds that surround me.

Whether I'm working on a personal project or a commercial assignment, I always try to capture images that are aesthetically pleasing and above all significant, because the photos are a mirror to tell about yourself.

The personal satisfaction I feel when I create something that resonates with others is what drives my creativity and motivates me to continue exploring the limitless possibilities of this incredible art form.

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